Practical Permaculture – Only the Oak Leaves Remain

I have always been fascinated by the phenomenon of oak leaves keeping so many of their leaves through the winter. (Years ago, I wrote a song named “Oak Leaf Legend” that purported to explain it in Native American storytelling terms–this was for my nephew’s cub scout pack) So I was glad to see this post from Chris!


Wait a second… Why do the Oak leaves remain…

Walking through the woods after a winter snow… Silence… Just the crunching of snow under your boots as you walk… In the wind you hear the sound of leaves rattling together… But all the leaves are covered in snow… A closer inspection of the sound will most likely reveal a tree that is covered in dead leaves… Leaves that are hanging on for dear life in the cold winter winds…

Long after all other trees lose their leaves in the winter, the dead leaves of an Oak Tree remain. This trait is extremely helpful in identification, often remaining until the buds break in the spring. This retention of dead plant matter is known as marcascence, and it is a genius evolutionary trait that I am going to try and explain.

In autumn, shortening day length tells the deciduous trees that it is time…

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