Bring Your Beloved But Broken Item to the Repair Cafe

The 1st Repair Cafe for New Paltz is coming right up!

When: Saturday, May 18th from 10AM to 3PM

Where: The New Paltz United Methodist Church on Main Street (corner of Grove, just up from the Bus Station).

What: Repair Café is a free meeting place that is all about repairing things—together.  The idea was born in Amsterdam in 2009, quickly spun off satellites around Europe, and has just begun to pop up in the U.S.

Toss it? No way! Bring your beloved but broken item to the Repair Café.

When you arrive, you will find tools and materials to help you make the repair you need.  You will also find “Repair Coaches” with the special skills to help.

We’ll be ready with 7 worktables:

Yes, there are limits:  

  • Your item must not be larger/heavier than one person can carry.  
  • No gas-powered engines.  
  • No bicycles (for now).

We can’t guarantee that the item you bring to Repair Cafe will get fixed.  All we  can guarantee is that you will have an interesting time!  And you’ll know more than when you came in.  And you might share a screwdriver with some very nice neighbors.

Coffee& tea are free;  savory & sweet bakery treats and fresh fruit will be for sale on the “Café side” to sustain you on your repair journey. Many of the bakery items will come from The Bakery on Front Street—one of New Paltz’ most popular bakeries.

We (the organizers) invite the interest of any person with repair skills to volunteer as a Repair Coach.  Best thing to do is email John Wackman at

The Repair Café will be an ongoing event, 3rd Saturday every other month through 2013.

Repair Café is sponsored by the New Paltz United Methodist Church and the Climate Action Coalition of New Paltz.  This project is also coordinated with the Town of New Paltz Recycling Program and the Zero Waste Initiative of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Dutch organizers have also established the Repair Cafe Foundation, whose purpose is to replicate the idea everywhere. To see the story of how it got started and how it’s grown, see their English-language website.

And if you do Facebook, go to the Repair Cafe New Paltz page for frequent updates & news.   Pls Like & Share!


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About John Wackman

A writer since I learned to hold a pencil (no, not like that...hold it like this!). Long-time writer/producer for television, now organizer of Repairs Cafes in the Hudson Valley (13 & counting!) -- Program Manager of Solarize Hudson Valley, non-profit, state supported, community sponsored renewable energy program. We're all re-inventing ourselves. It's a sci-fi world, isn't it?
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1 Response to Bring Your Beloved But Broken Item to the Repair Cafe

  1. Dillian says:

    One or two to rerbemem, that is.

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