Some Pig!

The first frost has come.  Not a particularly hard frost, but it did silence the insects.  (I will miss them).

Still, the days have been warm enough for me to finish painting the trim on our new garage, and in doing so I came across two spiders lingering near their egg sacs in protected corners.

I carefully gathered each web in the twigs of a dry branch and moved spider and eggs to a safe place—I hope.

And I thought of Charlotte’s Web.

“These autumn days will shorten and grow cold.  The leaves will shake loose from the trees and fall.  Christmas will come, then the snows of winter.”

Last summer, when I’d decided to name my blog Some/Home, my friend Gretchen was delighted.  Just like Some Pig! she said.  I hadn’t thought of that.

Charlotte the spider saves the life of Wilbur the pig by weaving words into her web:  first “Some Pig” and then “Terrific.”  Humans take it as a miracle.  Wilbur will not go to slaughter; Fern can keep him as her pet.

At the story’s end, Wilbur brings Charlotte’s egg sac (“peach- colored…made out of the toughest material…waterproof”) from the fair grounds back to the barn, where “dozens and dozens” of her daughters are born the next Spring.

Written by E.B. White in 1952, Charlotte’s Web is an undisputed classic—all 4 copies in my local library were checked out all summer long.

Some story!

I continue to be fascinated by the layers of meaning in the word “some.” It is an unknown:  Somewhere over the rainbow… It is a portion of something larger:  Don’t eat it all!  I want some of that. It is something remarkable:  That is some terrific pig you got there!

I take it as a metaphor for our big blue planet.

Or our backyard.

“It was the best place to be,” thought Wilbur, “this warm delicious cellar, with the garrulous geese, the changing seasons, the heat of the sun, the passage of swallows, the nearness of rats, the sameness of sheep, the love of spiders, the smell of manure, and the glory of everything.”



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A writer since I learned to hold a pencil (no, not like that...hold it like this!). Long-time writer/producer for television, now organizer of Repairs Cafes in the Hudson Valley (13 & counting!) -- Program Manager of Solarize Hudson Valley, non-profit, state supported, community sponsored renewable energy program. We're all re-inventing ourselves. It's a sci-fi world, isn't it?
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